"This world is but a canvas to our imagination. "
-Henry David Thoreau


My Educational Philosophy:
Children need the opportunity to express themselves.  In order for this to happen, a choices-based art classroom is essential.  Students create artwork based on his or her own perspective.  Many circumstances in a child’s life are completely out of their control.  My classroom gives students a sense of control and the opportunity to make choices in their artwork.  As the teacher I calculate choice into my lessons to encourage students to be engaged and creative in their assignments.  In the day and age of standardized testing, students are often taught that there can only be one answer to a question, my classroom offers the prospect of creative problem solving and multiple solutions as well as an introduction to copious diverse cultural and societal perspectives.   Art by definition includes a variety of different media.  I give my students the opportunity to explore many of these.  Having a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts (photography, video, and editing software) and Master's degree in Art Education, I have the experience necessary to encourage a creative and safe environment for students to take artistic risks often with digital technology integrated throughout.